Delegate Access

Group or Shared Inboxes

You can request delegate access for a group or shared inbox. Delegate access can only be used through a browser. Once delegate access is approved, an email will be sent to your primary email for confirmation. You will have 24 hours to confirm you would like the delegate access or else the request will have to be re-submitted.

Person to Person Delegation

Steps for sharing personal delegate access were found on this Google Support webpage.

Setting up Person to Person Delegation 

1. The Delegator (person granting access to their Inbox)
a. Log in to Google Mail
b. Gear Icon > Settings
c. Accounts > Add Another Account (Grant Access to Your Account)
d. Enter email address of delegate, click Next Step
e. Send (email) invitation (the delegate name will display as Pending)*

2. The Delegate
a. Log in to Google Mail
b. Accept the Delegate Invite (the delegate name will display as Accepted)*
c. When clicking their photo, the delegate will now see the delegated account
d. Click on the delegated account to view the Inbox and see/reply to email
e. Email replies will be marked with "(sent by" similar to Outlook


*Delegators will see the delegate's name and status appear on the "Add Another Account" line in the Settings, Accounts window

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