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Google Workspace Information Storage Policy


At Pepperdine, information is classified into three different categories: Public, Confidential, and Restricted (see our Information Classification and Protection Policy). It is important to know the differences among these categories in order to know what can and cannot be placed in Google Workspace. You are personally responsible for how you share University information you place in Pepperdine Google Workspace (i.e. Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and similar apps). You should not use personal Google accounts to do University work.

Information Classification

  • Public information is allowed in Google Workspace applications.
    • Examples: Email addresses, Campus Wide IDs, Course Catalog, Event notices.
  • Confidential information is permitted with user and specified group access only in Google Workspace applications.
    • Examples: Email messages, Business records, Educational records.
  • Restricted information is forbidden in Google Workspace applications.
    • Examples: Unencrypted Passwords, Social security numbers, Credit card numbers, Health records.
Classification Examples of Information University Policy on Google Workspace Applications


  • Email addresses
  • Campus-wide ID (CWID)
  • Course catalog
  • Event notices



  • Email messages
  • Business records
  • Educational records

Permitted with user and specified group access only


  • Unencrypted Passwords
  • Social security numbers
  • Credit card numbers
  • Health records



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