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Technology Checklist for Graduates

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Congratulations on your pending graduation! Before you go, we want to share some important steps that you should take or consider for a smooth technology transition for your time after Pepperdine.

  • Take action while you have access! Approximately 90-days after graduation or discontinuation of classes, students will lose access to their Pepperdine network accounts. The University will send several reminders prior to account expiration, but it is important that you take any necessary steps before you lose access.
  • Print or save your unofficial transcript. When your student network account is disabled you will lose access to WaveNet. Plan ahead and print copies of your unofficial transcript as needed. After graduation, you may order official transcripts from the Registrar's Office.
  • Set your "Vacation Responder" to alert others about your email change. Keep your colleagues, friends, and other contacts informed.  Enable a vacation responder to alert your contacts about the best email address to reach you after graduation.
  • Did you work for a Pepperdine school or department? Check your student Google Drive and transfer ownership of any work-related documents to your supervisor(s) before your student account is deleted.
  • Did you work on research, class, or student organization projects? Check your student Google Drive and transfer ownership of any project-related documents to your professors, classmates, or student organization colleagues before your student account is deleted.
  • Review WaveNet "Guest Access" for people with information sharing permissions.  Did you add guests to receive information about financial aid, payment authorization, your class schedule, or grades? Did you know that the guests to whom you have granted access to your student information may still contact the University and request your information after you graduate? If you wish to prevent future disclosure, you will need to revoke your original permission(s). Visit the Guest Access documentation and modify your selections for access to your student information for each guest.
  • Uninstall any University-licensed software. If your school or department provided special software while you were taking classes, check with the individual(s) that provided the software whether you need to uninstall the software prior to graduation. Examples may include Adobe Creative Cloud, SPSS, or similar software packages.
  • Update your email for any third-party services. Did you use your student address to subscribe to a streaming service, sign up for a bank account, or register with another third-party system? Be sure to update these outside companies with the best contact information so that you don't permanently lose access after graduation or need to subscribe again.
  • Transfer or backup your email and data. When your student network account is disabled, you will lose access to your email account and Google Drive. Transfer or backup your data within the 90-day period before it is permanently deleted.
  • Download any LMS content. When your student network account is disabled, you will lose access to the LMS and similar tools. If there is specific content you wish you retain, be sure to manually download the content to your computer. Be sure to check each class syllabus for any copyright notices or limits on usage after the class ends or you graduate.
  • Download Zoom recordings. When your student network account is disabled, you will lose access to your Pepperdine Zoom account. Be sure to download any meeting recordings you wish to retain. 
  • Download or transfer Qualtrics surveys or data. Did you conduct research while you were a student? Is the project continuing after you graduate? Be sure to download any relevant survey data and share it with any project partners. Don't forget to pause response collection on any older surveys, too. 
  • Other tools or services? Think about other tools or services that you may have used as a student, including any special services provided by your school or program. Be sure to access those services while you still can, and download any information that is important to you.

While not an exhaustive list, we hope that these steps or considerations prove helpful. We wish you great success in all of your endeavors!

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