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Student-to-Alumni Account Changes


Congratulations! Soon you will be graduating and this is an exciting time to celebrate your academic accomplishments and move forward on your career journey.

Before you go, we want to share some important notices and highlight some to-do items or opportunities as you transition from student to alumni.


Keep an eye on your Pepperdine student inbox! Graduating students will receive three (3) notices about the expiration of their Pepperdine NetworkID account. The notices will be sent three months, two months, and one month prior to the expiration date.

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Account Closure

Note: Approximately 90-days after graduation or discontinuation of your program, you will transition to alumni status, and your student network account will expire.


You may request a Pepperdine Alumni email address to stay connected with your alma mater.

Sign up for your Alumni Email account.

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You need to take action before you lose access to your student network account.

Review the Grad Tech Checklist.

Frequently Asked Questions

  What happens when my student network account and email expires?

When your account expires, you will no longer be able to access your WaveNet account, Pepperdine student email address, and several other Pepperdine resources, such as Courses and select library databases. Shortly after your student network account expires, your account will be deleted, including your student email or Google Drive documents. Be sure to refer to the Graduation Technology Checklist for recommended steps to take before you lose your access.

  What actions should I take before my student network account expires?

Please review the Graduation Technology Checklist for recommended steps to take before you lose your access. Example steps include transferring or downloading your email and Google documents, printing any unofficial transcripts, updating your contacts about your email address change, and many other important considerations.

  Can graduating students sign up for a Pepperdine Alumni email account?

Yes! An optional Alumni Email account is available. The service is powered by Gmail and will provide students with an email address. Learn more about the Alumni Email service and how to sign up.

  I am graduating but I am also an employee. Will I lose access?

No. As long as you remain employed with Pepperdine, you will retain access to your account. However, we strongly recommend that you review any content in your Pepperdine Google Drive and identify any student or personal information. Be sure to download and store personal content on your own third-party cloud storage solution.  As you know, the University provides your Pepperdine NetworkID account and other services or equipment for University business only. 


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