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Voicemail Access Via Phone

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. From your phone:
    • Pick up your extension's dial tone and press the messages button (button with an envelope).
    • Enter your PIN (XXXXXX#).
  2. From any campus or off-campus telephone:
    • Call the voicemail system.
      • From a campus telephone, dial 4002 (the unity Voice messaging extension).
      • From off-campus, dial 310.506.4002.
    • If you hear, "Hello, you have reached Pepperdine University's messaging system..." or if your on-campus phone already has a different voicemail assigned and you hear "Enter your PIN follow by the pound symbol":
      • Immediately press the star key (* ).
      • Enter your voicemail ID number (your 4-digit phone extension) followed by the pound or number sign key (#).
      • Enter your PIN (XXXXXX#). To initialize your Unity account, you will be asked to answer the following prompts:
        • Record your name.
        • Record a greeting.
        • Set a new password (minimum 5 digits).
    • Your box is now ready to take messages.
  3. To check your messages, follow the same process, as explained above.
  4. Other available features are graphically represented in the Cisco Telephone Quick Reference Guide.
    • You can send voice messages to any other staff member or student who has a voicemail on campus.
    • In addition to your personal greeting, you can set up an alternate greeting for extended absences.  If you go out of town, please set up an extended absence to that effect. When you return, disable the alternate greeting and your original personal greeting will be put back into place.
    • To check your messages from an off-campus phone or even from out of state, dial 310.506.4002.  Press the star key (*), enter your unity ID, password and press 1 for new messages.
    • The star key (*) on your phone pad is very important.  If you are punching in numbers, and you hit a wrong key, hitting the star key will send you back one step and let you repeat your attempt.  If you keep pressing the star key (*), you will keep getting sent back a menu until the Unity system disconnects.
    • To forward your line to voicemail, pick up your extension's dial tone and press the messages button (button with an envelope).

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