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Courses: Add Your Name Pronunciation


In Courses, anyone can record their name pronunciation and input accompanying phonetic details. Students, this data will be available for your instructors in the Roster tool. 

To successfully make an audio recording of your name pronunciation, you must have a functioning microphone on your computer or mobile device. 


  1. In Courses, click the "Home" site and select "Profile" in the tool menu.
  2. On the "My Profile" tab, locate the "Name Pronunciation" section.
  3. Hover your mouse cursor over the area (or tap the heading on mobile) to reveal the "Edit" button, and then click "Edit."Hovering over the name pronunciation section will reveal the edit button.
  4. (Optional) In the "Pronouns" field, select a desired pronoun option in the drop-down.
  5. In the "Phonetic Pronunciation" field, input a textual guide corresponding to the pronunciation of your name. Examples include:
    • kris-TEEN BEAR-it
    • j-AHN BUCK-ing-ham
    • j-ORE-dan lot
  6. For the Name Recording field, click the red "Record" button.Click the record button to begin recording your name.
  7. Important: your web browser may prompt you to "Allow" courses.pepperdine.edu to use your microphone. Be sure to click "Allow."At the top of your browser, you may be prompted to allow your microphone to record. Be sure to click the allow option.
  8. Clearly speak your name into your microphone and click "Stop" when finished. Note: there is a maximum recording time of twenty (20) seconds.Once you have finished recording, click the stop button.
  9. Using the recorder, click the "Play" button to preview your recording.You can preview your recording by clicking the play button on the recording interface.
  10. If you wish to re-record your name, follow steps 6–9 above.
  11. When finished, click "Save Changes."

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