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Install Google Drive on Your Mac


To download Google Drive on your desktop, click Download Drive and follow the steps below.


  1. Hover over "Download Drive" and choose Mac and PC.
  2. Read the Terms of Service and click Agree and download.
  3. Open installgoogledrive.dmg.
  4. Move the Google Drive icon to your Applications folder.
  5. Open Google Drive. If you see a warning that Google Drive is an application downloaded from the Internet, click Open.
  6. Type your Google Account username and password to sign in to Google Drive. This will be the account associated with Google Drive for your Mac.
  7. Complete the installation instructions.
  8. At the top of your screen, open Google Drive for your Mac .
  9. Move or copy files and folders from your desktop into your Google Drive folder to begin syncing items. You'll be able to find your files and folders in "My Drive" on drive.google.com.