Shared Drive Basics

Google Shared Drives are shared spaces where teams can easily store, search, and access their files anywhere.  Unlike files in your personal Google Drive, files in Shared Drives do not belong to an individual.  Even if members leave, the files stay so your team can continue to share and work.


Before Starting Shared Drives

Shared Drives fall under the same Pepperdine G Suite Information Storage Policy as "My Drive." Remember, you are personally responsible for how you share University information you place in Pepperdine G Suite Drive and Apps. Do not store or transmit RESTRICTED information with G Suite; do not share Confidential information to "anyone with the link" but only with specific individuals and groups; do not use personal Google accounts to do University work.

If you use Google File Stream Shared Drives will sync to your computer.

G Suite Training

Staff and Faculty can get training on G Suite from members of Pepperdine IT.

G Suite Learning Center

Step-by-step Shared Drives basics instructions. Learn how to create a new Shared Drive, manage members, and organize your files.

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