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Important Pepperdine Logins

Pepperdine WaveNet Portal

Go to WaveNet

WaveNet is Pepperdine's portal for student, HR, and finance data.

Learn about WaveNet.

MyID Password Reset Portal

Go to MyID

Reset, set, and manage your Pepperdine password with MyID.

Learn about Passwords.

Pepperdine Courses LMS

Go to Courses

Courses is Pepperdine's central learning management system (LMS).

Learn about Courses.


Go to Zoom

Pepperdine uses Zoom for web meetings, classes, and webinars.

Learn about Zoom.

Google Workspace at Pepperdine

Google Workspace for Education powers Pepperdine's communication and collaboration with Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and other Google tools.

Learn about Google Storage.

Common Solutions

Reset Your Password

Can't log in or forgot your password? Use MyID to reset your Pepperdine password.

Clear Browser Cache

Website issue? Clear your cache to fix most website issues.

Try a Different Browser

Site errors? Try a different web browser (Chrome or Firefox) and see if it works.

Update Your Software

Software or browser updates may fix the issue. Check for and install updates.

Restart Your Computer

Finally, try a computer restart to clear out any system cobwebs.

Still Need Help? Contact Tech Central. See details at the bottom of the page.


Other Popular Destinations


Tech Central

Phone: 310.506.4357 (HELP)

Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Technology Service Request Forms

Have A Suggestion for IT?

Click to share your suggestion, anonymously if preferred, to improve Pepperdine IT.