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SecureConnect powered by DUO

SecureConnect powered by DUO, is Pepperdine's multi-factor authentication service.  SecureConnect adds security to Pepperdine accounts by using two factors–your password and a personal device–to confirm your identity.  You may use Apple or Android smartphones or tablets as your device factors, with landline or mobile voice/text as backup factors.

  • Use DUO App Push verification, because it cannot be phished.
  • Pepperdine people will never ask you for SMS or APP codes.
  • No Pepperdine website will ever force you to use a code.

Enroll in SecureConnect. Setup your account.  Start using the Mobile App on your smartphone or tablet.

Change or remove your authentication devices.  Change your default device, recover access after losing a device, and other options.

Read short, digestible tips on SecureConnect.  Quick references to questions you might encounter when using SecureConnect.

What SecureConnect Does

SecureConnect adds security to Pepperdine accounts by using two factors to confirm your identity: your password and a personal device or on-campus network connection.  As of March 6, 2019, all Faculty and Staff accounts are protected by SecureConnect.

SecureConnect Benefits

Enjoy all of these perks when you enroll:

  • Protect University data, personal payroll and benefit information, and private student information in case your password is phished or stolen.
  • Extend your University password expiration for three years.
  • Flexible and quick to use with any smartphone or tablet.
  • Use phone numbers, text messages, or DUO generated passcodes, whether online or offline, as backup to a smartphone or tablet.

Who Should Use SecureConnect?

Starting October 2020, students may opt-in to SecureConnect.  Some students may be required to use SecureConnect to connect to Academic Computing servers for their course.  As of March 6, 2019 all Faculty and Staff are required to use SecureConnect to access Pepperdine resources.

Pepperdine University's SecureConnect is powered by DUO multi-factor authentication.  DUO is used by many Higher Education institutions including Stanford, UCLA, USC, LMU, UCSD, SDSU, Columbia, Harvard, Claremont Colleges.

Using SecureConnect

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