Troubleshooting SecureConnect

Below are a few simple steps you can take to resolve possible scenarios when using SecureConnect.

Failing To Receive A Push Notification

If you are not receiving a push notification to your intended device, try these steps to correct the lost push notification.

  1. Verify that your mobile signal or wifi is working by browsing to a new webpage on the internet. Push notifications require an active mobile or wifi connection.
  2. Restart your device clear many issues not related to mobile or wifi network connectivity.
  3. Generate a passcode from within the DUO mobile app to complete the login. To generate a passcode with the DUO mobile app, select the key icon next to your Pepperdine Account to show the passcode.
  4. Should all previous steps fail, call the IT Service Desk at 310-506-HELP (4357).

Authorization Requests Are Going To An Unavailable Device

If you have lost the default device that is being prompted automatically in some SecureConnect instances, you can cancel the authentication request at the bottom of the page and then select a different device to send an authentication request.

I replaced my phone and can't use the DUO app

With the DUO app downloaded to your new phone and your new phone in hand "Reactivate Duo" using Manage Devices on the portal:

  1. Manage Devices (button)
  2. Log In (CAS)
  3. Manage Devices (button)
  4. Click the "Manage" link by your cell number

If you are not able to access your other authentication factors (voice line, SMS, Campus IP) and need a Bypass Code to log in to the SecureConnect portal, call and verify your identity with the IT Service Desk and they can give you a Bypass Code.

 I do not have a smartphone, what can I do?

SecureConnect is very flexible and you a number of options. You can use SMS/Text to any US phone number that can receive a text message. You can use a voice call to any US mobile or landline phone. You can set up the DUO Mobile app on your WiFi tablet. Note that phone numbers must not be in use by any other account and should be secure, for example your home, personal cell phone or locked office are good choices.

 I was auto-enrolled, but now I want to use the app on my auto-enrolled number; what do I do?

 View this guide for how to convert your auto-enrollment number into an App smartphone number.

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