Anti-Phishing Examples


This is our page of examples you can use to train yourself in our two skills. How can you pick out a domain from the address bar on a web page? How can you tell if the address bar on a web page says the page is encrypted? What is the address bar, anyway? 

How to spot Domains in Web Address Bar

To find the domain, which should relate to the organization making the request, check for the first single forward slash, then count back two periods from the slash - everything between the first period and the forward slash is the domain.






How to spot Encryption in Web Address Bar

Look for https & the lock icon.

windows 7 internet explorer

Windows Internet Explorer

windows 7 chrome

Windows Chrome

windows 7 firefox

Windows Firefox

Safari Bar Mac Safari
Mac Firefox Mac Firefox
Mac Chrome Mac Chrome

An Example of a Fake Page

Can you see what is wrong with the below page? Click the picture for the full-size image.

Fake CAS Page - Click to Enlarge

Hint: Take a look at the address bar!

Fake CAS Address Bar

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