Tech Requirements and Tips

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Technical Requirements


It is strongly recommended that you use a computer that is less than 4 years old, can access the internet, and compose documents.

  • Browsers: While compatible with multiple browsers, we recommend using Firefox or Chrome.
  • Operating Systems: Supported platforms include Microsoft Windows 10 or higher and Apple MacOS Mojave (10.14) or higher.
  • Document Types: Most professors will expect you to submit documents in Microsoft Office format (Word .docx, Excel .xlsx, PowerPoint .pptx) or PDF. Always check with your professor to confirm the required file formats for assignments or projects.

Tips and Best Practices

With the help of modern technology, maintaining good standing as a student is easier. But self-motivation is key. You should have a natural drive to stay on top of your commitments, do your best work, and be ready for daily challenges.  In an academic context, this translates to a focus on keeping track of assignments, setting (and keeping) regular hours for study and reflection, actively participating in your class sessions, and avoiding procrastination on projects or homework.

You do not have to own the fastest computer, the biggest tablet, or the newest smartphone.  You do not even have to be tech-savvy.  Anyone can use Courses as an organizational tool to improve their academic career.

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Five Best Practices

  1. Read your professor's course outline in the Syllabus tool! There may be some crucial course information you've overlooked.
  2. Monitor the Announcements tool! Something important might be around the bend.
  3. Explore the Resources tool! This is the central repository for content, including PowerPoints, PDFs, and other media.
  4. Visit the Assignments tool! Maybe you have something due.
  5. Review the Tests & Quizzes tool! If your professor utilizes this tool, you may have an upcoming assessment.

Dive into additional best practices by referencing the Courses Tool Tips for Students.

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