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Etrieve for Document and Business Process Management

Etrieve is Pepperdine's document management system, designed to store important and restricted information and internal forms for long term storage.  Etrieve, provided by Softdocs, includes two systems: Content (Document Storage) and Central (Forms).


Etrieve Content

Upload, arrange, search for, and modify documents by going to https://etcontent.pepperdine.edu from any web browser.  Content is best used for documents that require long term storage or items that include restricted information. Visit this Information Security webpage to find out more about Public, Confidential, and Restricted Information.

Restricted Information like Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, HIPPA information, and California Drivers License with image can appropriately be stored in Etrieve Content.  Google Drive is NOT an appropriate location for storing restricted information. Find out more about the G Suite Storage Policy.


Content Best Practices

  • Upload documents to the AREA, not to a specific person, cabinet, or folder.
  • When uploading Documents to the AREA, switch the unfiled section to filter by "Current user" to view only the documents that you have uploaded.
  • Use the Simple Search to find criteria in the Tree and use the advanced search to find keyfields.


Etrieve Central

Submit and track University forms by going to https://etcentral.pepperdine.edu from any web browser.  Central hosts forms used by staff, faculty, and students and is securely behind the University login system.


When to use Etrieve Central (Forms) vs. eSign to gather information:

Etrieve Central eSign
Form is being sent to someone from within the university (from a department, or a student). Form is being sent to someone outside the university (vendors, donors, etc).
Collected information includes restricted data Collected information does not include restricted data
Does not require a legally binding signature Requires a legally binding signature

Central Best Practices

  • Find forms that you have started and not yet submitted in the Drafts section.
  • Check on the current state of a submitted form in the Activity section by selecting the submitted form and opening the "History."  This will show the current state and any notes associated with the form.
  • Share a form with others by selecting the form in the Forms section and copy & paste the web address (URL) in an email or chat.

Tech Central

Phone: 310.506.4357 (HELP)

Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

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