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Comparing Zoom and Google Meet

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Whether you need to hold a meeting or teach a class, you have options with either Zoom Meetings or Google Meet. Both are effective web conferencing platforms that offer HD video, phone, or device audio options.

  • Zoom Meetings (Primary Web Conferencing Tool): Zoom is a natural choice for teaching classes or facilitating a meeting with polling, recording, and other special features. Zoom works with all major browsers and devices.
  • Google Meet (Secondary Option for Online Meetings): If you want to hold a meeting online, Meet can be quickly added to a Google Calendar event and integrates directly with all of Google Workspace in use at Pepperdine. Meet runs on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge browsers. Meet is also built into several conference rooms at select campuses.

The University also provides Zoom Webinars as an option for select faculty or staff special events. View a comparison between Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars on the Pepperdine Zoom Webinars page.

Head-to-Head Comparison

Table of Features Comparing Google Meet with Zoom Meetings
Feature Google Meet Zoom Meetings
Usage Preference Quick work meetings Online teaching and work meetings
Number of Participants 100 300
Dial-In Yes Yes
Dial-Out Yes No
Screen Sharing Yes Yes
Google Calendar Integration Yes Yes, with Chrome Browser Extension
Mobile App Yes Yes
ChromeBox Conference Room Enabled Yes No†
In-Conference Text Chat Yes Yes
In-Conference Private Chat No Yes
Polling No Yes
Recordings No Yes
Event Hosting with Participant Roles Yes Yes
File Sharing Yes^ Yes
Breakout Rooms No Yes
Whiteboard Yes
Availability All current students, faculty, and staff All current students, faculty, and staff*

* Not available for 2PEP faculty and students. 2PEP provides Zoom licenses through their domain.

† The University has adopted the Google Meet standard for conference rooms. Zoom has a different product, called Zoom Rooms, that is currently not licensed by the University.

^ Attached files in Google Calendar invites will be available for all meeting participants to access.


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