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Connecting to a Pepperdine Windows Computer Using Remote Desktop Connection

 The following instructions indicate how to connect to a Pepperdine networked Windows computer from a remote computer using the Remote Desktop Connection program.

  1. Before leaving work, make sure the Windows computer that is to be connected to is powered on.  It does not have to be logged on to the network and the monitor may be powered on or off.  You will also need to know the computer's IP address.
  2. Connect the remote computer to the Internet using an Internet Service Provider.
  3. Follow the separate instructions to: Log on to the Pepperdine Remote Access Server.
  4. In the Remote Access Server session window, click on the "Start" button.
  5. Select "All Programs".
  6. Select "Accessories".
  7. Select "Remote Desktop Connection".
  8. Type into the Computer field the IP address of the Windows computer that needs to be connected with the host computer and click "Connect".
    computer step 8
  9. If some local devices have been selected to be accessible during the Remote Access Server session, the following RDC Security Warning window may pop up.  In this case, click "Connect".
    Do you trust the remote connection?
  10. On the "Windows Security" screen, enter your Pepperdine network ID and password; and make sure the "Log on to" field contains "pepperdine\". (Case does not matter in this field.)
  11. Click "OK" to log on to the Windows computer.
    Enter your credentials
  12. After completing these steps, a user will be logged on to the Windows computer where, without any special setup, they should be able to access and run any programs (including Outlook) on the Windows computer; access its local disk drives; and print to its local printer.
    Complete setup
  13. To get back to the local Desktop at any time, click the "-" button in the upper right-hand corner of the Remote Desktop window.
  14. When finished with the Remote Access Server session, click the Remote Desktop's "Start" button; select "Log Off"; then select "Log Off" from the Windows Log Off window that appears.  Do NOT click the "X" button in the upper right-hand corner of the Remote Desktop window to end the session.

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