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Zoom App Marketplace Not Supported


In August of 2019, Zoom was adopted as the preferred web conference tool for teaching and learning at Pepperdine University. In addition to their standard web conferencing services, Zoom also offers an optional Zoom App Marketplace. Similar to other app stores, such as Apple's App Store or Google Play, the Zoom App Marketplace allows users to integrate Zoom into a variety of other services and applications.

Due to the third-party nature of these apps, there are multiple concerns about security, data privacy, platform performance, and support impact. Given these reasons, the university will not be approving additional add-ons/apps to be integrated with our Zoom account at this time.

Does this affect any features in my Zoom Pro account?

No. The apps available in the Zoom App Marketplace are simply "add-ons" to other, third-party services/applications and do not affect Zoom directly.

Can I still use the Google Calendar extension?

Yes! Zoom can be integrated into your Google Calendar using the Zoom Scheduler extension for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Is training available for Zoom?



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