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Make a Zoom Meeting Feel More like a Zoom Webinar


With Pepperdine's Zoom service, you have a powerful tool to meet with hundreds of people with your own Pepperdine Zoom account. While staff and faculty can also request a Zoom webinar, you may prefer to use your own meeting instead. Learn how to configure and set up a meeting to function more like a webinar.

Update Your Pepperdine Zoom Account Settings

Before you schedule your meeting, please consider the following account settings.

Access Your Pepperdine Zoom Account Settings

  1. Visit
  2. Select "Sign In."
  3. Enter your Pepperdine credentials on the Pepperdine CAS login page.
  4. On the Zoom web portal, select Settings in the left menu.

Enable the Waiting Room

You and any co-presenters need time to set up your event session without interruptions or showing the "behind the curtains" setup to any early bird attendees. To solve this issue, use the Zoom "Waiting Room" feature to give yourself this space until you are ready to present.

  1. Go to your Pepperdine Zoom Account Settings (see above).
  2. From the Meeting and Security sections, enable the Waiting Room feature (if not already enabled).
  3. Select "Edit Options" in the Waiting Room Options section.
  4. Select "Everyone" to go to the waiting room. (Any alternate hosts will bypass the waiting room.)

Learn more about Enabling and Customizing the Zoom Waiting Room or Using Zoom's Waiting Room.

Limit Screen Sharing to You (Only Host).

Enable the Meeting Q&A feature.

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