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Back-to-School Faculty Resources

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Welcome to the Information Technology back-to-school resources page for faculty. Here, you can find classroom technology training videos, training and workshop schedules, just-in-time support contact information, and more.

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Classroom AV

  Most Common AV Self-Help Tips (Solves Most Problems!)

Below are the most common classroom issues and tips to get your class up and running:

  • Camera not displaying in Zoom? Restart the PC.
  • Projector not displaying on the screen? Make sure the correct input is selected on the controller.
  • Using the PC and can’t see it on the screen? Make sure the monitor is set to your preferred settings (duplicate/mirror or extend/additional display).
  • Can’t see anything on the PC monitor? Make sure the PC is turned on and the monitor is turned on, or restart the PC to refresh the connection.

Need additional classroom AV assistance? In Malibu, please call 310-506-4449. At all other campuses, please call your local IT or school support representative.

  Classroom Technology: Best Practices

So that you and your students have the best overall experience and we avoid disruption or lost class time, please follow these best practices:

Before Class

  • During the first week of class, be sure to arrive at least 10 minutes early to familiarize yourself with the classroom technology
  • Restart the classroom PC right away to clear any cobwebs and refresh the connection to the room webcam
  • Turn the AV system on using the control panel
  • If teaching online students, be sure to use the in-room PC, lapel microphone, and webcam

After Class

  • If using the in-room PC, log out (do NOT turn off the PC)
  • Turn off the AV system using the control panel
  • Verify the lapel microphone bodypack is in its charger with its indicator light on
  Classroom Technology: Walk-Throughs

Learn how to use our classroom AV technology with these quick training resources.

Training Videos


How to use the in-room AV equipment

How to use the long-distance AV equipment

Full Training Video

Other Training

Before the start of the fall or spring semester, you can request a one-on-one classroom training to better prepare for teaching your class. Use the IT Support Forms to make the request. Please plan in advance! During the first two weeks of classes, our staff will be busy supporting live classes, so we may not be able to schedule a one-on-one training session at that time.

  • IT Request Form (Log in via CAS, select "Events" and then "Classroom or Conference Room (Training Only)")

You may also contact your local campus or school technical support representative to learn about any additional training that may be available at your school or campus.

School Team Name Contact Information
GSEP GSEP Tech Support
Law LawTech
PGBS PGBS Tech Support
Seaver Seaver Academic Support & Research (ASR)
  Just-in-Time Classroom Support

Throughout the academic year, faculty may need to contact Information Technology just before or during class for technology assistance.  Depending on the campus, the best contact information can be found below.

Common Solutions

  • Classroom Webcam: Restart the classroom computer to refresh the connection to the room camera.
  • Projector: Double-check that the correct input is selected and make sure that the projector mute isn't on.
  • Audio: Check the volume on the computer, AV control panel, or other devices. Make sure that the computer or AV mute is not on.


Teaching in a Malibu classroom and experiencing issues with the AV system?

Calabasas, Irvine, and West LA

Teaching at a graduate campus in Calabasas, Irvine, or West Los Angeles and experiencing issues with the classroom AV system?


Learning Technologies

  Live Workshops (Courses LMS, Zoom, etc.)

If you prefer the immediacy and collaboration of a live workshop, the Technology and Learning (TechLearn) team has monthly offerings to get you started or take you to the next level. Look for workshops on all things Courses, Zoom, and Panopto. Sign up through the TechLearn Events Calendar.

  Courses LMS Guides

Need help with our Courses learning management system? Take advantage of these resources:

For more information, please visit the Courses Community page.

  Zoom Guides

New to Zoom or need a refresher? Check out these helpful resources:

For more information, please visit the Zoom Community page.

  2U Digital Campus Support (formerly 2PEP)

Please be sure to contact the dedicated 2U Support team for any assistance with their separate 2U Digital Campus LMS or 2U Zoom services.

  • Phone: 833-740-1273
  • Email:

NOTE: Regrettably, Pepperdine IT cannot provide any assistance with the 2U Digital Campus or 2PEP platforms. Be sure to contact the 2U team above, and they will help you. 


Other Tools

  Class Email Distribution Lists

Shortly before a new academic term begins, an email address for each official class is automatically created. This class email distribution list is a Google Group where the instructor is the manager of the group, and all officially enrolled students are added as members. This allows professors to easily communicate with classes and share Google Drive folders and documents in a snap.

Learn more about Class Email Distribution Lists.

  WaveNet for Faculty

Whether you need to verify your class enrollment or enter overall course grades at the end of a semester/trimester, please refer to the WaveNet Faculty Guides:

  Google Workspace

Pepperdine University uses Google Workspace for email, calendar, chat, drive, and more!

Learn more about Google Workspace at Pepperdine.

  Additional Tools

As a professor, you may be interested in these other resources:


Frequently Asked Questions

  How do I sign up for Pepperdine Zoom? Or how do I resolve the "Invalid Email" error in the Courses Zoom Pro tool?

Each Pepperdine community member must sign up for an official Pepperdine Zoom. It's easy!

  1. Visit
  2. Select "Sign In."
  3. When prompted to authenticate with CAS, enter your Pepperdine NetworkID and password.
  4. Done!
  My students say that they can't see my class site on Courses. How can this be resolved?

There are a few reasons why this can happen.

  1. Did you publish your class site? Sites are created in a draft or "unpublished" state so that you have time to add your content, create assignments, and more. When you are ready, you must select the "Publish Now" button at the top of your class site. If you do not publish your site, then students will not be able to view it. Learn more about publishing your class site.
  2. Did the students check their "Sites" menu? When students (or professors!) have more than 15 sites, there is no more room to display additional "favorites" in the top navigation of Courses. All class sites are available from the "Sites" menu at the top right, however. To keep your Courses screen tidy, students (and professors) should routinely organize their favorite sites. Kindly direct students to the Student Courses Guide. Professors can refer to the Faculty Courses Guide.
  3. Did they register on the same day? It can take up to one business day for new enrollments to move from WaveNet to Courses. If a student was newly admitted, it might take longer for WaveNet to run overnight account matriculation processes to generate the person's account, email address, etc. Learn about Courses Enrollment Updates.
  4. Are they just on a waitlist? Only officially enrolled students will appear on Courses, not waitlisted students.
  5. Are they just auditing the class? If someone audits a class, this is not an official enrollment. An auditing individual is simply granted permission to attend an in-person class. An auditing person will not receive any grade, credit, or transcript. An auditing person is not eligible for an official Pepperdine University NetworkID or email address.
  How do I sign up for a Pepperdine Panopto account?

First, you must be an official Pepperdine University professor with a Pepperdine NetworkID and password. Next, follow the instructions below to register your Pepperdine Panopto "Creator" account.

  • Visit Courses
  • Select "Pepperdine Login"
  • When prompted by CAS, enter your Pepperdine NetworkID and password
  • Go to one of your official class sites
  • If the "Panopto" tool is in your left tool menu, select the tool
  • If the "Panopto" tool is not listed, then add the tool and then select the tool after you've added it
  • Done!


Tech Central

Phone: 310.506.4357 (HELP)

Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Technology Service Request Forms

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