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Welcome to the Information Technology back-to-school resources page for faculty. Here, you can find classroom technology training videos, training and workshop schedules, just-in-time support contact information, and more.

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Faculty Resources

  Most Common Self-Help Tips (Solves Most Problems!)

Below are the most common classroom issues and tips to get your class up and running:

  • Camera not displaying in Zoom? Restart the PC.
  • Projector not displaying on the screen? Make sure the correct input is selected on the controller.
  • Using the PC and can’t see it on the screen? Make sure the monitor is set to your preferred settings (duplicate/mirror or extend/additional display).
  • Can’t see anything on the PC monitor? Make sure the PC is turned on, the monitor is turned on, or restart the PC to refresh the connection.

Need additional classroom AV assistance? In Malibu, please call 310-506-4449. At all other campuses, please call your local IT or school support representative.

  Classroom Technology: Best Practices

So that you and your students have the best overall experience and we avoid disruption or lost class time, please follow these best practices:

Before Class

  • During the first week of class, be sure to arrive at least 10 minutes early to familiarize yourself with the classroom technology
  • Restart the classroom PC right away to clear any cobwebs and refresh the connection to the room webcam
  • Turn the AV system on using the control panel
  • If teaching with online students, be sure to use the in-room PC, lapel microphone, and webcam

After Class

  • If using the in-room PC, log out (do NOT turn the PC off)
  • Turn off the AV system using the control panel
  • Verify the lapel microphone bodypack is in its charger with its indicator light on
  Classroom Technology: Training

Learn how to use our classroom AV technology with these quick training resources.

Training Videos


How to use the in-room AV equipment

How to use the long-distance AV equipment

Full Training Video

Live Training Sessions

At the start of the fall or spring semester, in-person or online training sessions may be available. Please consult the IT Training calendar to see if any classroom AV training classes are offered:

You may also contact your local campus or school technical support representative to learn about any additional training that may be available at your specific campus.

  Just-in-Time Classroom Support

Throughout the academic year, faculty may need to contact Information Technology just before or during class for technology assistance.  Depending on the campus, the best contact information can be found below.

Common Solutions

  • Classroom Webcam: Restart the classroom computer to refresh the connection to the room camera.
  • Projector: Double-check that the correct input is selected and make sure that the projector mute isn't on.
  • Audio: Check the volume on both the computer, AV control panel, or other devices. Make sure that the computer or AV mute is not on.


Teaching in a Malibu classroom and experiencing issues with the AV system?

Calabasas, Irvine, and West LA

Teaching at a graduate campus in Calabasas, Irvine, or West Los Angeles and experiencing issues with the classroom AV system?

  Courses Resources

Need help with our Courses learning management system? Take advantage of these resources:

For more information, please visit the Courses Community page.

  Zoom Resources

New to Zoom or need a refresher? Check out these helpful resources:

For more information, please visit the Zoom Community page.

  Self-Paced "Flexible Teaching" Course


The Flexible Teaching course is a self-paced tutorial course that is designed for Pepperdine University faculty to get comfortable with new classroom technology (hardware), develop active learning activities to keep students engaged (whether online or in-person), design equitable course content (regardless of the delivery modality), digital accessibility, Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles, and much more!

This training site is hosted in Courses (powered by Sakai) and while the training class is intended for Pepperdine professors, anyone at Pepperdine can join the site with a few clicks. If you join the site, you'll see the Learning Modules in the left-side navigation panel. The modules are labeled and allow you to review the content that is available or jump to specific topics. The Learning Modules provide many resources and allow you to choose what you would like to learn today!

Learning Modules in this course include:

  • Reading course materials
  • Viewing videos
  • Exploring various resources
  • Live Classroom technology training (optional)

Tech Central

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